My Posh Date Outfit

This week I went on a date with a lovely guy I met from my safari dating last week, and I wanted to show you the outfit I chose for the occasion!

He took me for dinner and to the theatre, so I thought I’d better make an effort!

I wore a stunning dress by plus size designer, Verpass, which I bought from a gorgeous, Brighton plus size boutique called Emma Plus. They’re looking to start selling through their webpage nationally, and they even make alterations to the clothes to fit your individual size!


Me Posing After The Date


Selfie of the Dress!

I bought the dress in their January sale, and the lovely ladies even gave me a further discount: the dress was originally worth £179, and I got it for under £40! You can tell it’s designer from it’s beautiful stitching to it’s expensive fabric.

The dress is grey, white and neon pink, and to give myself more of an hour-glass shape, I added a black and pink belt I bought in the recent Yours sale for around £3.


Belt from Yours Clothing

I painted my nails with silver and red sparkles, and teamed the whole outfit with black kitten heels and a black and silver handbag.


My Sparkly (short) Nails!


Me After The Date- Cat That Got The Cream!

As you can tell from the smile on my face after the date, I had a lovely time, and I seemed to turn a lot of heads so I need to start wearing dresses more often!

It just goes to show us plus size girls can look HOT- let’s hope my date agreed!

Would love to see pics of your great date outfits for inspiration, feel free to add them to the comments section below!

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Fancy Nominating Me?!

Amazingly I have been contacted on Twitter a few times this week by the famous MAD Blog Awards to inform me that my parent blog and my pregnancy blog have been nominated for quite a few awards!

So far I’ve been nominated for Most Innovative Blog

MAD Blog of the YearMAD Blog Awards

Best New Blog

Best MAD Blog for Family Fun

Best Pregnancy Blog

Most Entertaining Blog

To be in with a chance to go through to the next round I need more nominations in these areas from my lovely readers!

The more nominations I get for these categories, the more likely I am to go through to the next round and be in with a winning chance to win.

I have never been nominated for an award before, so feel very honoured. If you nominated me, I want to send you lots of hugs, kisses and thanks, as it means SO MUCH to me!

It has been a tough few years, and blogging has been my therapy and one true joy (apart from my son of course!). So it really does mean the world that others may appreciate what I do!

To nominate me, click here.

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I’ve Joined Pinterest!

I’ve found yet ANOTHER social media site to become addicted by in the small hours when I’m up with Chunk or during those rare occasions he naps during the day, and it’s Pinterest.

Disgusted that I haven’t found it sooner, as it has so many great pics and ideas about a range of things that are so relevant to me and Chunk, and this blog!

I’ve started pinning relevant things on boards on my profile, from my plus size fashion clothes, shoes, accessories wish lists to things I’ve already reviewed on this blog!

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You can also pin pictures from this blog which then link to the blogpost for  your followers to enjoy too!


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My Latest £10 Outfit

As you all know, I love my bargains! Here is my latest outfit for just £10 and all the items were brand new with tags!

The light blue, Jean-style top was £3 in the George sale, and has cute popper buttons which I prefer to traditional buttons.

The cream tee is originally from M&S and cost £1 in my local charity shop- I’m a charity shopaholic!

And last, but not least, the bootcut jeans were £6 on ebay, including tracked delivery- bargain! They were originally from Tu at Sainsburys.

Send me your latest fab finds so we can share the bargain love!

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Claire Tries Vintage!


Me attempting to model for my camera whilst it balanced on my window!


I put my Scarlett & Jo dress with some grey wedge heels from New Look

Now that I’m getting back onto the dating scene, I’ve been rummaging through my rather unflattering wardrobe and decided I need to start dressing with some style to feel more confident and attractive!

Thankfully, Scarlett & Jo have come to my rescue, by sending me this beautiful dress from their new Spring Romance collection for Evans.

The new collection celebrates Scarlett & Jo’s one year anniversary, and the range has a vintage 1940s and 50s theme, ranging from tea dresses to retro prom dresses, all of which seem to flatter my mummy curves!

This beautiful dress is their black retro wrapfront midi dress, which features a retro, swirled pattern, and I can tell it has been well made from its gorgeous, thick fabric, to it’s lovely empire seam detail. It has back ties for underneath the bust, and even small shoulder pSAM_0622ads to help create the classic hour-glass figure I crave so much!

I love this midi-length dress, as it covers the tops of my arms, and reaches my knees (two areas I prefer to hide), and it has a very flattering cut.  The only thing that would make it look better would involve me growing a decent-sized cleavage to suit the v-shaped, plunging neckline (plastic surgeons please feel free to get in touch).

Scarlett & Jo say their mission is to “inspire and express both personality and confidence” and I think they’ve achieved this with the spring romance range. I feel that confident in this dress that I intend to wear this to my first dating experience this week, and I’m already eyeing up others in this fab collection for my future dates!

To see reviews of other dresses in the range on Scarlett & Jo’s website.

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My Quarter Life Crisis

Think it’s safe to say I’m very aware of this being my final year in my twenties, as I’m making so many radical changes!

I’ve resigned from my job to go into the scary world of self employment, to freelance write and complete social work assessments.

Big risk when you’re raising a child all by yourself and have a mortgage- am I brave or stupid?!

I’m also trying to get back into the dating world and to become more stylish (hence this blog!). And now I’ve gone one step further.

I’ve only gone and had the most painful piercing you can have (helpfully I was told this straight after I got it done!) known as a scaffold.

Not sure what I think of it, as in some ways I love how random it is, but my ears stick out as it is, so I’ve only enhanced this further!

My New Piercing!

My New Piercing!

It still hurts like hell too, so I’m giving it a week and if it continues to do my nut, it’s coming out!

It’s only just turned February, I dread to think what else I’m going to do in the remaining 9 months of my twenties!

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Bargain Of The Week: From China!

I’ve never attempted to buy something on Ebay when it comes from places like Korea and China, because I’ve always heard horror stories where people have waited months on end to get their items, and they aren’t always great quality!

So I decided to take a gamble, and I ordered a couple of different things this month.

The first one was a pink belt, as it was only £1.35! I have been waiting for nearly 4 weeks so far, and nothing has turned up, so this has only confirmed what I’ve always heard!

HOWEVERImage, last week I came across a bodycon dress that looked so cute and was only £6.99, so I gave it another go. Within a week it was with me, and came in a vacuum-packed parcel.


The fit was great, and it is really good quality. Here is me trying it on (excuse the messy hair and gut).

When I hung it up, I noticed that it is the same colour as a jacket I recently bought (yes I shall be blogging about that bargain pretty soon!) so already I am starting to find different ways I can wear that dress.

I will definitely need to wear stomach-control pants with this until I start losing my gut, as the material is the type to show all your creases and crevices, but it makes up for it with the bodycon effect you get with the hips and waistline!

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