My Quarter Life Crisis

Think it’s safe to say I’m very aware of this being my final year in my twenties, as I’m making so many radical changes!

I’ve resigned from my job to go into the scary world of self employment, to freelance write and complete social work assessments.

Big risk when you’re raising a child all by yourself and have a mortgage- am I brave or stupid?!

I’m also trying to get back into the dating world and to become more stylish (hence this blog!). And now I’ve gone one step further.

I’ve only gone and had the most painful piercing you can have (helpfully I was told this straight after I got it done!) known as a scaffold.

Not sure what I think of it, as in some ways I love how random it is, but my ears stick out as it is, so I’ve only enhanced this further!

My New Piercing!

My New Piercing!

It still hurts like hell too, so I’m giving it a week and if it continues to do my nut, it’s coming out!

It’s only just turned February, I dread to think what else I’m going to do in the remaining 9 months of my twenties!

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