Vintage-Inspired Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse

Now that summer is in full swing, I am going dress crazy for the first time ever thanks to the Easy Breezy Shorts I now wear under them to stop any painful chub-rub.

So you can understand my excitement this week when this gorgeous dress turned up on my doorstep in a funky pink drawstring bag from Taking Shape UK as it was another excuse to doll myself up!

This Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse is beautiful in colour and shape. It cuts in at the waist, which really helps to show off my curves in a good way for once, and don’t get me started on how well it compliments my usually poor bosom!


Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse

The 1950s vintage-inspired dress has a high waistline and a full skirt which gives a gorgeous hour-glass shape to my body, and it’s sexy in an elegant way rather than a ‘bare all’ way that does not suit my current body. There is a long zip on the back of the dress and an open neck which leaves space for a gorgeous black or silver necklace to add to the outfit.

It fits well in all the right places, and the dress I’m wearing is a size 16. The black and white colouring really does pop out- the photos do not do it justice and I really do mean that! The high waistline means my stomach is hidden in all the right areas by the long skirt so I really do feel confident when wearing it in public which honestly is a rarity for me these days.

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Summer Fashion Tips for Bums, Tums and Thighs!

I love summer, but I don’t love wearing less clothes in order to cope with it!

Whilst I adore dresses and skirts, I rarely wear them when I’m this size as I get the famous ‘chub-rub’ which results in spots, soreness and at times even blisters on my thighs if I have done a lot of walking in skirts or dresses in summer.

But thankfully I’ve now found some things that can help with this, as well as with trying to flatter my shape in dresses more, and to feel comfy in general during the summer!



Bridget Jones-style underwear


Aldi Skin to Skin underwear

Aldi have recently launched a new clothing range (yes I didn’t know they did clothes either!) and they kindly sent me some underwear to review. Unfortunately the pants are a few sizes too big for me, so you (luckily) didn’t have to see me modelling them, but from what I can see they are good quality material and look like they would be very comfy, if not a bit Bridget Jones-like and old fashioned in style.
These would definitely be for days that I want to slouch around, or if it’s “that time of the month”, and they would also ensure no embarrassing panty lines or textures would be shown whilst wearing black leggings which is a bonus.




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New Viktor&Rolf feminine fragrance – Bonbon

I’ve always been a sucker for Gucci fragrances, especially Gucci Guilty mmmmmm!

However I recently came across the new Viktor&Rolf fragrance Bonbon and fell in love!


This uplifting fragrance is ideal for summer with its sparkling, effervescent mandarin and orange.

Its sweet hint of peach thoroughly compliments the caramel notes and the warming jasmine combines with the orange blossom to really give you that summer feeling……AMAZING!!!

Bonbon is an eau de parfum so is long lasting throughout the day. I do 2-4 squirts and it lasts all day.

You can buy it in a 30ml, 50ml or 90ml. The larger size always works out better value for money, so I will be saving.

Bonbon now comes in body lotion and shower gel….. more temptation!

No payment was received for this post-  I purchased the perfume using my own money, so all opinions are honest and my own.

Geometric Print Swimsuit Review

Bon Marche kindly sent me a swimsuit to test for you lovely people, although I’m hesitant to show photos of my in it, as I want to maintain my readership!

Swimwear is such a hard area for me, as it’s just so revealing of all the areas I’m most shy about. I still have some great ideas of swimwear designs that would flatter us curvy girls, but don’t have the know-how to turn these dreams into a reality…yet!

So in the meantime, I need to check out what’s already out there, and that’s where Bon Marche come into it. They sent me their geometric print swimsuit, which has tummy control (thank goodness!) and even built in cups. I HATE swimsuits that don’t have bra cups, as my puppies need to stay in their kennels, especially during physical activities like swimming!


Front View of Geometric Swimsuit


Back view of Bon Marche Swimsuit


Matched with a Sarong (I would pair with a black one)


I love the monochrome edging which really flatters my body, and helps to give an hour-glass shape. The design also has a retro 1950s feel, which is the era I am completely obsessed with at the moment.

For £14 I think this is great value for money, because it really helps in two of my “shy areas”- the tummy and boobs. The tummy control works well and is not uncomfortable like some control-clothing can be.

I would love to pair this swimsuit with a black and white polka dot sarong, I just need to find one first. Until then, I will use my shimmery black kaftan so I feel less self-conscious when walking along the beach.

All that’s left is to book a holiday…and find the money for one!

Bon Marche kindly gave me this swimsuit to review. No payment was received, and all opinions of the piece are honest and my own.