Summer Fashion Tips for Bums, Tums and Thighs!

I love summer, but I don’t love wearing less clothes in order to cope with it!

Whilst I adore dresses and skirts, I rarely wear them when I’m this size as I get the famous ‘chub-rub’ which results in spots, soreness and at times even blisters on my thighs if I have done a lot of walking in skirts or dresses in summer.

But thankfully I’ve now found some things that can help with this, as well as with trying to flatter my shape in dresses more, and to feel comfy in general during the summer!



Bridget Jones-style underwear


Aldi Skin to Skin underwear

Aldi have recently launched a new clothing range (yes I didn’t know they did clothes either!) and they kindly sent me some underwear to review. Unfortunately the pants are a few sizes too big for me, so you (luckily) didn’t have to see me modelling them, but from what I can see they are good quality material and look like they would be very comfy, if not a bit Bridget Jones-like and old fashioned in style.
These would definitely be for days that I want to slouch around, or if it’s “that time of the month”, and they would also ensure no embarrassing panty lines or textures would be shown whilst wearing black leggings which is a bonus.





Tums and Thighs


My Easy Breezy Lifesavers!

My Easy Breezy Lifesavers!

The Easy Breezy Shorts by Virtuelle have become my lifesaver for this summer, and I imagine for many more to come! They come in white or black and are very lightweight shorts that you can wear under skirts and dresses to avoid chaffing, or chub-rub as I like to call it.

They are far less heavy and bulky than ordinary shorts and they have a smooth elastic waistband that doesn’t show through your clothes. I think my mum is in shock as she has never seen me wear so many dresses in her life! I am digging out all the maxi dresses I have bought over the years but never had the courage to wear and all I need to do now is buy a second pair so I can wear a dress everyday without fail!

They are really cheap too, and are currently on sale at Taking Shape for only £6.40 so grab yours quick!

The White Pair

The White Pair


Another fab find has been these Trim Pins tights which claim to “lose centimetres off your thighs” and help battle cellulite.  The tights use a special technology where fat burning and moisturising chemicals have been added to the tights, so your legs absorb these whilst you wear them- how clever is that?!


Cellulite-Shaving Tights

I tried some black tights in 60 denier and I was impressed by the quality of them for their £12.99 price tag. They have a gorgeous sheen to them, and the top of the tights have a pretty pattern that flatters the thigh. They felt very nice on, and my legs felt lovely and soft for days afterwards, so they will definitely be worn on summer evenings with a short skater dress or rockabilly.

I rarely wear tights as I find they never fit in all the right places for me, due to my long legs, big thighs and long feet, but these fitted very well! I’ve noticed they also sell some trim pin leggings, so they have been added to my wish list to review!

Gorgeous Thigh Design

Gorgeous Thigh Design

I was kindly given the Aldi underwear, Virtuelle shorts and Trim Pins tights for the purpose of completing this review. No payment was received for this review, and all opinions are honest and my own.

4 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Tips for Bums, Tums and Thighs!

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  3. Some great tips here! I had my first son almost 10 months ago and I still have all my pregnancy weight to loose. I’m finding it difficult cause I seem to still be eating for two!! I need tips like this to help me when it comes to buying new clothes as at the minute I don’t feel confident in anything. x

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