Cellulite-Busting Leggings & Tights!

Moda Cosmetica - Trim Pins

I can tell you are already raising your eyebrow in disbelief, but as the saying goes, “don’t knock it until you try it”.

As you are aware I recently reviewed some TrimPin tights (see review here) and thought they were brilliant, as my legs felt so soft after wearing them each time. So when I found out TrimPins also sell leggings, I immediately contacted them to get a pair, as you know how obsessed with leggings I am!

The leggings also contain their patented technology, which is a special technology that they use to add fat burning and moisturising chemicals to their leggings. So basically these chemicals are absorbed into your legs whilst you wear them and they help reduce both fat and cellulite-are you as amazed as I am?!

They appear to do a wide range of sizes and go up to an XL. When they arrived I got quite excited as they are clearly made from good quality material which means they will hopefully last me a while!

They have a contour support on the waist area, so it adds some control to your stomach which is definitely something I find useful since having a baby, and I did feel very supported when I moved around.

The Leggings Go Well With Mini Skirts

The Leggings Go Well With Mini Skirts

They have a beautiful sheen to them similar to the range of tights they sell, so I could easily wear this on their own or under a dress for an evening out and they would suit both styles.

I found these very comfortable to wear, even in the current humidity, so I wouldn’t find it difficult to wear these everyday in a bid to shift my fat and cellulite, which they claim will reduce within 3 to 4 weeks!

Here are some photos of me trying them out with a lace mini skirt from Primark and a long, bold blue tee from TK Maxx. I think I will be wearing them under a few of my new vintage tea dresses at night, and during the day I will wear them on their own with some long, bright tees with chunky necklaces and a satchel.

They are currently priced at just over $75 (the website does it in dollars on the UK site) which is higher than I would usually pay for leggings, but then if they shift fat, and they moisturise your legs, this is much cheaper than some of the outrageously expensive treatments some women opt to have at salons and spas!

Check out their fab range here. 

TrimPins Leggings

TrimPins Leggings

Dressing for a Festival: How to Look Fab & Practical

It’s fair to say that at many of the annual festivals, fashionistas try their best to look incredible every day, come rain or shine. While most festival-goers couldn’t give a monkeys about looking good, and will choose, instead, to dress practically, others will be dressing like the celebs that they see in the mags. However, bear in mind that these immaculately dressed celebs and supermodels are chaperoned back to a luxury hotel room (with a shower!) at the end of the day, whereas you will be left with a grotty toilet and, if you’re lucky, a trough of water.

That being said, there are ways of looking fab while also thinking about the practicality of what you’re wearing. Pack your rucksack with some of these clothes and you’ll be looking, and feeling, fab – in spite of the mud, rain and overbearing smell of portaloos.


Some sort of raincoat is essential if you want to protect yourself from the inevitable rain. While some anoraks don’t score very high when it comes to the cool factor, they do the job that they’re intended to do. Invest in a cool parka and you will be practical and stylish. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot – take a look at the great value parka rain jackets from George at ASDA, for example.

Roll-Up Shorts

Roll-Up Shorts


A pair of cut off shorts will make any outfit sing. They look cool, they’re perfect for summer and, with a pair of tights, they can equal as a cool weather cover-up. Team with some thick socks and a pair of wellies, and a graphic print T, and you’ll be looking like a star in no time.


They’re not exactly the most practical of items, for a festival, are they? You see plenty of women sporting a triangle bikini top with a pair of shorts and, if that’s your bag, then do it. However, full on bikinis aren’t very practical at all and, once the sun has gone down and it’s gotten a little chilly, they’ll do nothing to warm you up.


These should be an absolute no-no. Even the most diehard of heel wearers will struggle to look graceful in them at a festival, where the ground is so uneven that people wearing wellies and boots come a cropper. Avoid wearing heels altogether if you want to dress for practicality – you can still look fab in a pair of calf-length boots.

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