Sports Bra Review: Freya Active Bra

If you read my lifestyle blog Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist, you will know that lately I’ve been knuckling down and attempting to get fit.

Due to being a single parent of a little one I don’t have the babysitting facilities or the funds to go to a gym, so I’ve been doing workout dvd programmes at home; If you follow my instagram you will have seen quite a few sweaty selfies recently!

Whilst doing a lot of high intensity workouts I’ve noticed a real need for good bra support, so have been given the chance to try out the Freya Active Bra.

I chose a size 36DD in black and naturally the best way to test it was to do a good workout!


It was a perfect fit around the cup and back and I liked the thick bra straps as they gave strong support during the jumps and jumping jacks which not many bras manage.

The cups went quite high over the chest which I liked because it also stopped any accidental popping out!

The material is good quality so hopefully it will withstand a lot of washes after some very sweaty workouts too.

If you are a large-chested lady who works out then I recommend this bra particularly for high impact workouts like running and interval training.

If you know of any other good sports bras please comment below!

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