About This Blog

I’m 5’11, plus size and have size 10 feet, and on the UK high street, this is a bad combo!

My childhood and entire adulthood has been spent in baggy clothes (to hide my flab) and men’s trainers; Since giving birth to my son in 2012, this has deteriorated further!

Being a single mum can make it hard to have the time (and energy) to care about your presentation, but I want him to have a mother he can be proud of, and one his friends fancy when he’s older!

So here is where this blog comes in. Watch my journey into the deepest unknown (aka fashion), as I learn how to use clothing to flatter my figure, and hunt for clothes and shoes that meet my sizing criteria, as well as my tiny, single parent budget!

I’m a freelance journalist and social worker, and also write successful blog singleparentpessimist.blogspot.co.uk

Feel free to add my blog badge onto your site here:

Tall, Curvy Mumma
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.tallcurvymumma.wordpress.com" title="Tall, Curvy Mumma"><img src="http://i824.photobucket.com/albums/zz162/vampybear2/tallcurvymummabadge_zpsffaf2029.jpg" alt="Tall, Curvy Mumma" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Fantastic blog, I’m not very brave when it comes to fashion, tend to stick to dark colours but you have definitely given me food for thought so we shall see!

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