Belissimo Lips

I recently received a cute little lip glitter set, as part of the Belissimo Lips Range, from BelissimoBoutique.

2014-11-30 13.11.03 The set came in a black drawstring bag, containing a pot of glitter in Cerise, a bottle of glue and 4 sealed cotton buds, with application guide on business card.


I was surprised how easy it was to apply the product, I expected glitter all over my face and floor! But with 2 simple steps you can’t go wrong!

1. On clean lips, apply a small amount of glue with a cotton bud, making sure you keep your lips apart until the end.

2. Apply glitter to lips using the cotton bud. I applied it in dabbing motions to build up colour.

once complete allow to dry for a few minutes, avoiding food, drink and kissing! during this time, and that’s it!!

The lip adhesive is water based and specially formulated for sensitive skin, it’s non-irritating and safe enough for children to also use.

PhotoGrid_1418128967470I don’t usually wear lipstick as I find it too heavy on my lips, so was a bit worried I was going to feel very uncomfortable wearing the glitter, but I was wrong it is lightweight and didn’t irritate me in any way! No tacky lips! I definitely recommended this for your xmas/ new years party!

Belissimo Lip glitter is designed to stay on for up to 12 hours and advises you to avoid hot drinks and oily food to prolong the sparkle.

You can find more colours to choose from on the website BelissimoBoutique and only costs £13!

“All comments and  opinions in this review are my own and  I received no payment for this!”

Emma Plus Boutique 20th Birthday Party

I had the pleasure of being invited to Emma Plus’ 20th birthday party last weekend, and wanted to share some of the fab outfits I found during the party!

Emma Plus is a great little plus size boutique in Brighton, and they also have a lovely forum on their website where fellow curvy women chat about fashion and their great plus size buys.


The shop opened in 1994 and has managed to successfully survive both in our recent recession and in Brighton’s hugely competitive fashion industry, which is an amazing achievement in itself!

Emma herself said she organised the birthday party “to thank our wonderful customers for all their fantastic support over the years. Without that, we would not be here”.

The party was well organised, with gift bags given to the first 50 customers, and the first 20 also got a coupon for a limited edition scarf designed by Emma herself! I was the twentieth person into the store, so am patiently waiting to be contacted to arrange getting my scarf, which I will of course post a photo of on here!


Cute Gift Bag!


Yummy Cake!

The gift bags were very cute, and included chocolate, Clarins samples and even a pretty flower brooch. There was a buffet (including Harrods biscuits I might add) with a lovely birthday cake, and even some bubbly!

I’ve never browsed through a clothes shop with a glass of vino in my hand, so  it was quite an experience!

There’s such a range for all shapes, sizes (above size 16) and ages which really impressed me. I noticed there were a lot of gorgeous, bold prints for this summer, with beautiful turquoise and teals being my faves.

Due to being devastatingly broke at the moment, I couldn’t buy the clothes I wanted, but I did take photographs of the two outfits I fell in love with, which were a black dress with GORGEOUS shrug, and a beautiful dress which I think would look lovely against my skintone during the summer.


This shrugs on my wish list!


Loving the bold colours on this dress!

I got to the party quite early and was shocked by how many people were already there- you could hardly move at one point, but it was lovely to see how many women wanted to come to show Emma and her staff how much they loved their products.


Busy Party


Teals are my fave!










Emma said: “I simply couldn’t believe how many of our lovely customers came today to help us celebrate our 20 years in existence. Women were queuing at our door before we were open, and, when we swung the door wide, everyone poured in, and a kind of happy melee ensued.

For the first time ever, we had to give out numbers to people waiting to go into our four changing rooms. It has been one of our best days ever.  I hope that we will be able to serve our community of like-minded plus-sized fashionistas for many years to come.”

Judging by the shop’s longstanding success, I think Emma’s wish will come true!

Why I’m Writing This Blog

Resting my ‘flipper’ feet in 1984

From the day I was born, people noticed my big feet. The nurses on the labour ward nicknamed me ‘flipper’ and my mum had to cut the feet off my babygrows to allow them to fit. It was obvious from day one that my foot size was going to cause me problems!

Me (right) next to my slightly younger cousin Steve.

As well as these flippers, I was blessed (or at times felt cursed) by my father’s height. At 5’11, I was the tallest in my school year throughout primary school, which led to a lot of boys bullying me (small man syndrome), and for most of secondary school I still stuck out from the crowd. Even with my cousins (see left), you can clearly see I was the tallest, but my cousin, Steve (to my left) is only a few months younger than me!

To add to my height, I also had weight, a LOT of weight. I’ve been a chubster all of my life, because I love food, and hate exercise! My weight throughout school was big, so I really did stick out like a sore thumb. Due to being tall, chunky and big footed (not to mention one of the very few mixed parentage children in the city), I was extremely shy, awkward and an easy target for the bullies.

As I’ve gotten older, my weight has yo yo’d and since having my son nearly two years ago, it hasn’t improved, but I’ve not let it stop me from living my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel particularly attractive at my current weight, which is why I am so scared to head back into the dating world, but I will not allow people to make me feel bad for my lifestyle choices any longer. weight2

Due to my big feet, tall frame and curves, I’ve never been interested in fashion, because I’ve always assumed I will never be able to find anything that will flatter, fit or be affordable.
This is now going to change.

I’ve set up this blog to learn about fashion for my frame, to find places I can buy clothes and shoes in my size at reasonable prices, and to help other women out there get access to these too. I want to finally enjoy dressing my body, and to stop wearing men’s trainers!

Footwear is the hardest thing for me to find, because most shops only cater for women up to a UK size 9. I am a size 10, and currently only have three shops I’m aware of in my local area that sell my size: Brantano, Barratts and Evans.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed the size 10 shoe shelves in these shops have decreased so much over the last few years, that I’m left with little choice, and they’ve also become incredibly expensive! I’ve found some online shops that sell this size footwear, but they tend to again be quite expensive, and postage is also highly priced!

I have a very low budget, due to being a working single parent (with no help from his father I might add!) with a mortgage, childcare costs and a child that wants to eat me out of house and home. 

downloadTherefore, I’m on the hunt to find great products at low prices! As I find companies that offer this, I will add their websites to my links page. If you know of any companies that sell great plus size / tall clothing, or have womens footwear up to at least a UK size 10, please get in touch on the contact form below, so I can feature them on this blog!



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