Legging Love-In!

Due to my yo-yo’ing weight at the moment I have spent a lot of time in leggings. They are so comfy and don’t make me feel so fat!

Skull Leggings

Skull Leggings


Moustache Leggings

Moustache Leggings






I’ve been getting a bit too Ebay friendly though, as they are so cheap on there, and as you can see I’ve picked some very random colours!

USA Flag Leggings

USA Flag Leggings

They average out at about £3 each which is a bargain, and now that it’s getting warmer, I plan to carry on wearing them, but with sandals and summery tops instead of the furry boots and jumpers I’ve been wearing.


Rocking my leggings with some sandals!


Skull & Rose Leggings

I am becoming obsessed with leggings… maybe because they stretch, so my rolls of fat feel more comfy and less obvious to me, compared to when I’m in tight, constricting jeans? But also because they come in some fab designs!

As usual, I have been flicking through Ebay, and came across these skull and rose leggings, that only cost me £3.55 including postage. As you have seen in previous posts, I wear them a lot!


I love the colour, the design and of course the price!

I got them from missgirltalk1 on Ebay, and I just hope they start to sell some other low cost legging designs as this poor, single mum still wants to look vaguely good when out in public!

Skull leggings SAM_0705

Nerding it up!

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd apparently- at school I got good grades (by hard work I might add!) and generally liked to use my mind rather than my body (hence the flab!).

As I was browsing Ebay one evening out of boredom, I came across some nerd fashion accessories at dirt cheap prices, so thought I would give them a try!

Snake ring

Snake ring




NERD pose!I got oversized glasses, which scarily made me look like my father so I’m unsure if I will go out in public with these babies!

I also got a necklace and snake ring, which aren’t necessarily nerdy, but look cute when put together!

I teamed the pieces with some skull leggings, bad hair and fake Converse trainers, and just to make the look that bit more obvious, I added my amazing Primark ‘NERD’ top.


What do you think? Ignore my son trying to get into the picture… destined for the camera that boy!

Would fit in great in Brighton I can tell you!


Rocking the nerd look baby!

Bargain of the Week: £1.72 Watch!

This watch comes in 4 colours

This watch comes in 4 colours

As you know, I’m on a seriously low budget now I have had to give up  my job, so I’ve had to cut down on my accessories, clothes and luxury spending. However, when you come across brand new watches for only £1.72, this is not to be ignored!

I’ve been using Ebay a lot lately, for my son’s clothes, mine and random accessories, and as I was browsing, I came across this vintage, leather world map watch. It comes in 4 colours, and I chose white in the hopes it would compliment my skintone and match a lot of my outfits.

It’s shipped from China, so took a couple of weeks to come, and for that price, I was slightly worried about what the quality would be like. Thankfully when it arrived it worked and looked as cute as it did in the photo!

Let me know what bargains you have found recently, so I can add them here!

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Bargain Of The Week: From China!

I’ve never attempted to buy something on Ebay when it comes from places like Korea and China, because I’ve always heard horror stories where people have waited months on end to get their items, and they aren’t always great quality!

So I decided to take a gamble, and I ordered a couple of different things this month.

The first one was a pink belt, as it was only £1.35! I have been waiting for nearly 4 weeks so far, and nothing has turned up, so this has only confirmed what I’ve always heard!

HOWEVERImage, last week I came across a bodycon dress that looked so cute and was only £6.99, so I gave it another go. Within a week it was with me, and came in a vacuum-packed parcel.


The fit was great, and it is really good quality. Here is me trying it on (excuse the messy hair and gut).

When I hung it up, I noticed that it is the same colour as a jacket I recently bought (yes I shall be blogging about that bargain pretty soon!) so already I am starting to find different ways I can wear that dress.

I will definitely need to wear stomach-control pants with this until I start losing my gut, as the material is the type to show all your creases and crevices, but it makes up for it with the bodycon effect you get with the hips and waistline!

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