Review: Q10 Day & Night Cream, Bio-Quinone Q10 and Replen10 Masks

As the eldest sister of this duo, I’m the most relevant one to review these anti-ageing creams and supplements, so apologies if I don’t write as well as our beauty expert Nat!

I turned the big 30 a few months ago and have started to notice grey hairs, dry skin and all the other lovely little changes that are starting to occur to my ageing body and it’s not the nicest feeling.


Replen10 have a unique range of masks for your face, eyes and even your mouth to help improve the look of your skin and wrinkles.

Their Wrinkle Reducing Eye Masks are incredibly intensive and are designed to help reduce the visibilty of fine lines and to reduce any dark bags under the eye which I have most days!

Their Wrinkle Reducing Face Masks are similar but also aim to improve the skin tone and even have an after-sun repairing action.

The Wrinkle Reducing Lip Masks focus on improving the skin and reducing fine lines around the mouth, which is particularly important for any smokers out there to avoid looking like you’re sucking on a lemon permanently!

I was impressed with these products particularly because they gave me an excuse to kick back, relax and enjoy a good face mask which is something I haven’t done since having a child. My face felt softer and more plump after using them so I would recommend them to anyone who is starting to notice wrinkles appearing.

Pharma Nord’s have some anti-ageing products and I was lucky enough to sample their Q10 Day and Night creams and their Bio-Quinone Q10 supplements.


The day and night creams are paraben-free and have lots of lovely, natural moisturising ingredients. The day cream aims to help dry skin and loss of collagen which keeps our skin nice and plump. It’s described as an intense moisturiser, and after sampling it for one week I’m not sure if it is intense enough for me.

I hate how tight my face feels after it’s been washed so love a moisturiser that instantly softens it, but this one took a couple of applications to get that feeling. Other than that, I really like how light it is and non-greasy and that the ingredients are natural, because this is something hard to find!

The night cream aims to regenerate skin overnight and is more intensive than the day cream. I could definitely tell that it is a thicker cream and I did wake up with soft skin, so it did what it claimed!

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Girls Night In Bundle Competition and Review

Every woman needs some girl time every once in a while, even at my age, so when I was given the chance to try out a girls night in bundle with my friends I of course agreed!

The bundle contained everything I would want and need for a night in, such as two great chick flicks (Blended was about single parents finding love which gave a spinster like me hope!) face masks and of course chocolate.

girls night in bundle

My Girls Night In Bundle!


I loved the gourmet chocolate pizza because it’s something I’ve never seen before! Two of my favourite things together: pizza and chocolate, so was bound to be a great success!  Within the first few minutes of The Other Woman DVD we had gobbled up the pizza and made a start on some of the wine I had bought with the £15 shopping voucher- you cannot have a night in without some good wine, gossip and food!


The prize is everything a woman needs to have the ultimate girly night in, because let’s face it, every woman needs some quality giggle time with her friends.

This fantastic prize includes:

Brand new copies of Blended and the Other Woman on DVD from Cash Generator, the UK high street retailer of new and pre-owned DVDs. 

A 7” gourmet chocolate pizza from Qwerkity, the place to go for all of your unusual gift needs.

A bingo board game, 4 x face masks and a £15 supermarket voucher for a shop of your choice (so you can buy a bottle and some snacks) from Paddy Power.

To be in with a chance to win this fab bundle just go to my competition page on Single Parent Pessimist and fill in the Rafflecopter form!

I was given one bundle for the purpose of this review. No payment was given and all opinions are honest and my own. 

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