Bargain sale dress from F&F

Just a quick one to show off the bargain I found today!
I popped into the local Tesco and noticed F&F clothing were having a little sale.
I didn’t see anything I liked but then noticed a swarm of people around a small section of bits with even more discount.

I managed to get a couple of dresses for £1.50 each and my favourite which was this yellow beauty at just £3.

f&f clothing


Bargains or what! Definitely showing this dress off tomorrow at a London press lunch!

Onesie Sale!

Yet again I’ve been to a sale and spent money I don’t have! This week it was at Matalan, where they’ve got a half price sale and I noticed these two onesies. They had lots of big sizes left which was fab, and when I tried them on I was impressed with their leg length- I’ve never found a onesie that has fitted both my curves and my height, so was pleasantly surprised and obviously had to buy both!  My excuse is they will be great for next winter, I’m planning ahead! The zebra-print style onesie was a bargain £6, and the grey one was £8, and as you can see by my awful changing room poses, they are very comfy and warm!

My 2 Bargain Onesies- apologies for the bad posing!

My 2 Bargain Onesies- apologies for the bad posing!

My Bargain of the Week!

I’m on a very tight budget as a single parent to my ever-growing, and ever-eating toddler, so it’s rare I ever buy things for myself these days, which is why I adore sales!

During a lunch break, I popped into Sainsbury’s with a colleague, and noticed they still had some remnants from their January sales. I avoided the sales this year, because I cannot be doing with big crowds and a screaming toddler, so this was a lovely surprise!

There was only half a clothes rail of sale items left, which is why my bargain was so easy to spot. It’s one of them items where you can’t tell from looking at it on the hanger whether it will suit you or not, but I spotted it had inbuilt tummy control, so headed straight to the changing rooms!

After much squeezing, tuggy and gasps, I managed to get it on (and then realised it’s a size lower than I currently am!) and was very pleased with the results.

1389800659640The dress is from the Gok Wan ‘Gok for Tu’ range, and I love how there is ruffling around the stomach to make


it less obvious (but yes I know it is still evidently there!) and there are even tiny shoulder pads which help balance out my body shape.

I’m still nowhere near confident enough to wear a short dress with my chunky thighs on show, but I think it will look gorgeous with some black leggings.

So how much of a bargain did I get I hear you ask… It was reduced from £35 to £10.50, which I think is pretty impressive!

Have you found a great bargain recently? If so, contact me and let me know!

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