Bargain Of The Week: From China!

I’ve never attempted to buy something on Ebay when it comes from places like Korea and China, because I’ve always heard horror stories where people have waited months on end to get their items, and they aren’t always great quality!

So I decided to take a gamble, and I ordered a couple of different things this month.

The first one was a pink belt, as it was only £1.35! I have been waiting for nearly 4 weeks so far, and nothing has turned up, so this has only confirmed what I’ve always heard!

HOWEVERImage, last week I came across a bodycon dress that looked so cute and was only £6.99, so I gave it another go. Within a week it was with me, and came in a vacuum-packed parcel.


The fit was great, and it is really good quality. Here is me trying it on (excuse the messy hair and gut).

When I hung it up, I noticed that it is the same colour as a jacket I recently bought (yes I shall be blogging about that bargain pretty soon!) so already I am starting to find different ways I can wear that dress.

I will definitely need to wear stomach-control pants with this until I start losing my gut, as the material is the type to show all your creases and crevices, but it makes up for it with the bodycon effect you get with the hips and waistline!

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