Bush Oil for Women


“Bush Oil™ is a brand new cosmetic product specifically designed for grooming all your intimate hair areas. This product is designed to make your intimate body hair feel soft and smell awesome!”





When I was asked to review BushOil for Women, I was a bit sceptical at first, but then thought why not!! We all still seem to be quite reserved about our intimate areas, but will gladly brag about sexual experiences!





BUSH OIL is a unique oil blend of 100% natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan, Jojoba and Grapeseed. These oils are nourishing and soothing on the skin, absorbing quickly, leaving you feeling soft, hydrated and non greasy! It also contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, making it a must have if you wax or shave your lady garden!

 “Another added bonus is that it also includes a natural aphrodisiac!”



The oil is really quick and simple to use, a few drops a day leave you feeling fresh and nourished or you can use in between preening sessions to calm and soothe the skin.

“For BEST RESULTS, get your better half to do it for you!”

I love the fresh, calming scent of Bush Oil coming from the notes of Cedarwood, Lime, Apricot and Lemon. Lasting all day, leaving you feeling confident and fresh!


Bush Oil is a UK based product and is not tested on animals, you can also get BUSH OIL for MEN !! bushoil%20-%20men.jpg

So if you want to “PERFECT YOUR PUSSTACHE” or treat your man click on the link…… BUSH OIL LTD



“All opinions on this review are my own and I did not receive any payment to write this. Nat x”








Sun Sense SPF50 Face and Lip Products

SunSense recently sent me three of their new reformulated products to try. I received Anti-ageing face spf50, Anti-ageing face matte spf50 and lip balm spf50.   


SunSense is the UK’s number one prescribed sunscreen, as it has the highest sun protection factor, and protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. They are also the number one suncare formulated to Australian standards.

“Their extensive range has products for everyone, and has been specially formulated using high quality ingredients that quickly bond to skin. Each product is unique in its formulation, and some have recently been reformulated to meet stringent new laws on the labelling of sunscreens in Australia.”

Product What I liked about both the anti-ageing face and face matte, were as well as being light weight and spf50, they didn’t leave my skin oily or with a white sheen like a lot of high factor products have done!

The matte version was my favourite as I love a complete shine free matte finish on my face.

The lotions quickly absorbed into my skin leaving it soft and smooth, with no nasty smell due to them being fragrance free. Very simple to use too, simply shake well and apply a small amount over the face, neck and chest.

As well as providing anti-ageing benefits and high protection, they also contain AHAs, vitamins E and B3, helping to fight signs of lines and wrinkles.


The lip balm was a surprise, I thought it was going to leave my lips tacky and uncomfortable due to the high sun protection but I was wrong. The balm glided on nicely with the attached applicator and left my lips silky smooth  thanks to the added vitamin E.

Feature 01 To view the full range of products or to get more info go to SunSense

“All opinions on this review are my own and I did not receive any payment to write this. Nat x”

Belissimo Lips

I recently received a cute little lip glitter set, as part of the Belissimo Lips Range, from BelissimoBoutique.

2014-11-30 13.11.03 The set came in a black drawstring bag, containing a pot of glitter in Cerise, a bottle of glue and 4 sealed cotton buds, with application guide on business card.


I was surprised how easy it was to apply the product, I expected glitter all over my face and floor! But with 2 simple steps you can’t go wrong!

1. On clean lips, apply a small amount of glue with a cotton bud, making sure you keep your lips apart until the end.

2. Apply glitter to lips using the cotton bud. I applied it in dabbing motions to build up colour.

once complete allow to dry for a few minutes, avoiding food, drink and kissing! during this time, and that’s it!!

The lip adhesive is water based and specially formulated for sensitive skin, it’s non-irritating and safe enough for children to also use.

PhotoGrid_1418128967470I don’t usually wear lipstick as I find it too heavy on my lips, so was a bit worried I was going to feel very uncomfortable wearing the glitter, but I was wrong it is lightweight and didn’t irritate me in any way! No tacky lips! I definitely recommended this for your xmas/ new years party!

Belissimo Lip glitter is designed to stay on for up to 12 hours and advises you to avoid hot drinks and oily food to prolong the sparkle.

You can find more colours to choose from on the website BelissimoBoutique and only costs £13!

“All comments and  opinions in this review are my own and  I received no payment for this!”

Treating My Tootsies

If you are a mum, you probably understand the need for me to sort my feet out!

My feet have always been so soft and I remember finding it so odd watching my mum use pumice stones on her feet due to having such hard skin, but now it all makes sense!

I am clearly on my feet a lot more these days with my toddler, and I rarely have time or the energy to pamper myself after my daily showers like I used to, so I’m now in the position where the soles of my feet are cracking and peeling (gross I know).

So when Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd gave me the chance to try CCS Foot Cream I obviously said hell yeah! DSC_1386

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YR Nails – Decals

I recently came across these anchor nail decals (transfers) while browsing through Amazon, only cost just over a pound… bargain!


They arrived within a couple of days which was impressive, and included a very clear, easy to follow instruction guide, 23 anchor decals and 2 free owl decals to practice with.PhotoGrid_1400696945920

I thought it was going to be tricky and awkward to apply the decals, as I have never used them before, but I was so wrong! it was surprisingly easy to carry out.

I firstly painted my nails in a khaki shade, and a holographic shade on my ring fingers, once they were dry I followed the decal instructions of cutting them to size  and soaking them in warm water for up to 30 seconds. Once the the decals slid off the backing paper, I blotted them dry and applied them to my ring finger nails, finishing them with a glossy top coat.



I was so happy with them I went straight onto the YRNAILS.com website and saw they do 1000’s of decals in funky/animal/flowers/patterns etc, nail wraps, nail tools and even polishes! They also do custom designs and the prices are amazing, starting from as little as 50p with free UK delivery!

I will be ordering a lot more products from YRNAILS 🙂 quality is amazing for sooooo little cost.

Double wear All day glow BB makeup

YW8N_622x622 PhotoGrid_1397992619765

Today on this rainy easter sunday, I thought I’d brighten my skin with my free sample of the new Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB moisture makeup.
I found it slightly richer in texture then other BB creams I’ve used, but as it’s part of the double wear foundation range I expected this.
It glided on my skin nicely, leaving my skin feeling softer and smoother.
I love the dewy glow it has given my skin, and even with its richer texture it’s surprisingly lightweight, can’t tell i am wearing it. I would say this has a natural light coverage but you could build it up to a medium coverage using concealer and tinted primer.
I finished my look with a rose coloured blusher and lengthening mascara.