Vintage-Inspired Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse

Now that summer is in full swing, I am going dress crazy for the first time ever thanks to the Easy Breezy Shorts I now wear under them to stop any painful chub-rub.

So you can understand my excitement this week when this gorgeous dress turned up on my doorstep in a funky pink drawstring bag from Taking Shape UK as it was another excuse to doll myself up!

This Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse is beautiful in colour and shape. It cuts in at the waist, which really helps to show off my curves in a good way for once, and don’t get me started on how well it compliments my usually poor bosom!


Carnival Rose Dress by Eplisse

The 1950s vintage-inspired dress has a high waistline and a full skirt which gives a gorgeous hour-glass shape to my body, and it’s sexy in an elegant way rather than a ‘bare all’ way that does not suit my current body. There is a long zip on the back of the dress and an open neck which leaves space for a gorgeous black or silver necklace to add to the outfit.

It fits well in all the right places, and the dress I’m wearing is a size 16. The black and white colouring really does pop out- the photos do not do it justice and I really do mean that! The high waistline means my stomach is hidden in all the right areas by the long skirt so I really do feel confident when wearing it in public which honestly is a rarity for me these days.

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Summer Fashion Tips for Bums, Tums and Thighs!

I love summer, but I don’t love wearing less clothes in order to cope with it!

Whilst I adore dresses and skirts, I rarely wear them when I’m this size as I get the famous ‘chub-rub’ which results in spots, soreness and at times even blisters on my thighs if I have done a lot of walking in skirts or dresses in summer.

But thankfully I’ve now found some things that can help with this, as well as with trying to flatter my shape in dresses more, and to feel comfy in general during the summer!



Bridget Jones-style underwear


Aldi Skin to Skin underwear

Aldi have recently launched a new clothing range (yes I didn’t know they did clothes either!) and they kindly sent me some underwear to review. Unfortunately the pants are a few sizes too big for me, so you (luckily) didn’t have to see me modelling them, but from what I can see they are good quality material and look like they would be very comfy, if not a bit Bridget Jones-like and old fashioned in style.
These would definitely be for days that I want to slouch around, or if it’s “that time of the month”, and they would also ensure no embarrassing panty lines or textures would be shown whilst wearing black leggings which is a bonus.




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Geometric Print Swimsuit Review

Bon Marche kindly sent me a swimsuit to test for you lovely people, although I’m hesitant to show photos of my in it, as I want to maintain my readership!

Swimwear is such a hard area for me, as it’s just so revealing of all the areas I’m most shy about. I still have some great ideas of swimwear designs that would flatter us curvy girls, but don’t have the know-how to turn these dreams into a reality…yet!

So in the meantime, I need to check out what’s already out there, and that’s where Bon Marche come into it. They sent me their geometric print swimsuit, which has tummy control (thank goodness!) and even built in cups. I HATE swimsuits that don’t have bra cups, as my puppies need to stay in their kennels, especially during physical activities like swimming!


Front View of Geometric Swimsuit


Back view of Bon Marche Swimsuit


Matched with a Sarong (I would pair with a black one)


I love the monochrome edging which really flatters my body, and helps to give an hour-glass shape. The design also has a retro 1950s feel, which is the era I am completely obsessed with at the moment.

For £14 I think this is great value for money, because it really helps in two of my “shy areas”- the tummy and boobs. The tummy control works well and is not uncomfortable like some control-clothing can be.

I would love to pair this swimsuit with a black and white polka dot sarong, I just need to find one first. Until then, I will use my shimmery black kaftan so I feel less self-conscious when walking along the beach.

All that’s left is to book a holiday…and find the money for one!

Bon Marche kindly gave me this swimsuit to review. No payment was received, and all opinions of the piece are honest and my own.

Legging Love-In!

Due to my yo-yo’ing weight at the moment I have spent a lot of time in leggings. They are so comfy and don’t make me feel so fat!

Skull Leggings

Skull Leggings


Moustache Leggings

Moustache Leggings






I’ve been getting a bit too Ebay friendly though, as they are so cheap on there, and as you can see I’ve picked some very random colours!

USA Flag Leggings

USA Flag Leggings

They average out at about £3 each which is a bargain, and now that it’s getting warmer, I plan to carry on wearing them, but with sandals and summery tops instead of the furry boots and jumpers I’ve been wearing.


Rocking my leggings with some sandals!


Review: Clarence & Alabama Ophelia Vintage Dress

Vintage online fashion store Clarence & Alabama kindly gave me a dress from their newest collection to review.

I chose the Ophelia Vintage 1950s Picnic Dress by Lindy Bop in black and floral, because as you can see from the photographs, it’s stunning!


Beautiful Ophelia 1950s Dress

I’m really starting to get into vintage fashion, particularly 1950s as that era seems to suit us curvier women so well, and the dresses are so much more interesting than the more modern ones!

To help the dress reach it’s full potential you need to iron it and add a petticoat, so please bear in mind I did neither when I took my selfies!










I teamed the dress up with some gladiator sandals, just to give it a slightly modern look; I’m unsure whether the two go together, but I was comfortable!


Last weekend I wore the dress with black leggings, a short black shrug and some kitten heels for a dating event, and I felt the most glam girl there!

The sweetheart neckline with ruched bust panel is one of my favourite parts of the dress, because it shows off a girl’s cleavage, but in a way that still maintains your elegance!



The dress is very comfortable to wear, but it’s slightly heavier than your average dress, but that’s because the fabric is of good quality.

I love how the black really helps the colours of the flowers pop out, and the dress also comes in other colours including a gorgeous baby blue that I’m thinking of adding to my collection.

I have now got my eye on the wiggle dresses, but think I’m going to wait until I have shed some pounds, because they won’t be as flattering on my current tummy as this picnic dress is!

What’s even more exciting is that as I write this, Clarence & Alabama are having a SALE so check it out!

Clarence & Alabama kindly gave me this dress in order to review it. All opinions are honest and my own, and I did not receive any payment for this post.



Review: Studded Strappy Ankle Boots

I LOVE boots, especially ones with heels as they tend to make my long feet look a little smaller, and they can make casual jeans look glam.

That’s why I was a very happy girl when Fashion World asked if I wanted to review some of their footwear from their larger foot-size range.

I came across these gorgeous studded, strappy ankle boots and fell in love. I’ve never had studded boots before, and I liked the silvery colour of the boots in contrast to the light wood coloured heel.


Fashion World Boots


Strappy Studded Ankle Boots

The 2.5 inch heel is nice and thick, meaning I can walk easily without fear of breaking my ankle, or worse, the boots! They are really comfortable to wear, and when I first started to wear them I had none of the classic ‘new shoe rub’ on the ankles or toes, which was great!

I’ve been told some studded clothing and footwear can be poorly made, so the studs come off easily and quickly, but these seem really well made.

The three decorative straps and buckles work so well on the boot, and I love how even these have studs on them.

They work so well with bootcut jeans, but I’m also thinking about trying them with some bootcut smart trousers to see if I can work it or not.

They come in a range of width fittings, and can be bought for £55 from (UK) sizes 4-10, which is handy as 10’s my size!

I’m now eyeing up some of their flat, calf boots for next winter, as well as their summer footwear which includes a couple of size 11 sandals which is brilliant.

Love these boots!

Love these boots!

These boots were given to me by Fashion World in order to review. All opinions are honest and my own, and no payment was received for this post.

Competition: Win Silver Necklace From Harry Fay Boutique!

I love the Yumi Necklace  I reviewed recently so much that I’m giving you lovely readers the chance to win one of your own!


YUMI Silver Chain Pendant with Sapphires

To win this necklace from Harry Fay Boutique, simply click on the Rafflecopter link below and enter the competition.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entries must be from the UK and aged over 18.

The winner will be picked at random, and I will double check they entered properly (e.g. Really did follow me on Twitter rather than pretended to!) and if they did not enter correctly, the winner will be randomly picked again.



New Me, New Hair!

I don’t know whether it’s to do with my age, or from me finally getting over what has been quite a traumatic two years, but I’m beginning to feel like a very different, calmer, lover of life person and I like it!

To celebrate, I’ve been making a few changes to my home, my wardrobe (as you can see from all my recent reviews!) and now my hair…

My sister kindly did my hair today, and she agreed to try an ombre hair colouring style, which she has never done before. She is a trained hairdresser and beautician (yes I am encouraging her to start writing on here about make up/skincare tips and great beauty products!) so I had complete faith in her.

This is the result, and I absolutely love it!


My New ‘Ombre’ Hair


What do you guys think?

Claire Richards Spring/Summer 2014 Range: My Review & Competition

You should have seen my face the other day when I opened the door to see a huge parcel with my name on it from Fashion World- I felt like it was my birthday!

Fashion World kindly gave me the opportunity to review pieces from Claire Richards’ new Spring/Summer range, and impressive is an understatement. Claire seems to have gone for a modern day take on classic vintage styles, which is definitely a style I have wanted to try to learn more about recently, as I think it’s superbly flattering on us curvier girls.

Claire herself has said she’s excited about her second collection, because the range is “full of bright colours and feminine shapes, designed to flatter and fit.” Claire has added longer sleeves (a must have for my bingo wings), cinched-in waists and illusion designs to flatter our figures even more.

The first pcoatiece I tried was the Claire Richards Summer Coat, priced at £75 (but today it’s on sale for just £50!) and I love the length and the slight a-line cut of it.

The arms of this jacquard coat have a unique, ruched sleeve, and I especially love the texture of the coat.

I feel quite glamorous when wearing it, which is a feeling I rarely have! The only thing I would want is a little bit more room in the upper arms, but that’s because my arms are a lot wider than the rest of my size 16 self (well apart from my thighs!).

This coat would suit all of the dresses in the new range, including this Lace Trim Print Dress (£60).b&wdress

It’s a great length, falling just below the knee, meaning my thighs get the coverage I prefer, and it would look great with some leggings too, for a more casual look.

It has a cute belt which helps to flatter the waist, and I love the floral print. The light material is perfect for the upcoming hot summer, so I think this will get worn at a lot of BBQs I’ve already been invited to!

For work, thtrouserse High Waisted Trousers are a must for me, as the cute row of three buttons on each hip make them stand out from the usual, bland office trousers.

The high waist also makes them feel quite comfortable (and no danger of a builder’s bum when you drop your paperwork on the floor!). D

Due to me being so tall, I could have done with them being just a couple of inches longer. However, with some heels on, I’m hoping I can get away with them, what do you think?!

And last, but certainly not least, both my sister and I got the chance to try the Lace Bodycon Dress (£85), which has to be my favourite of all the pieces I tried!

I had to go a size up for this one, because my arms wouldn’t fit into the smaller size (need to start using hand weights again) but I soon got over this when I put the dress on. I felt like I was back in the 1940s, and my kitten strap heels just added to the feeling; I just needed a retro, pinned hairstyle and gorgeous Clark Gable lookalike to take me out for a romantic stroll along the beach!


My little sister Nat also loved the dress, and with the killer high heels she put with it, she managed to give it a modern twist. Nat felt she would have wanted the cleavage cut a little lower as she felt it was too high, and she felt the slit at the back of the dress went slightly too high for her liking. Personally, I like the cleavage being cut high, as it makes a change for a dress tSAM_0837o only show a hint of what is underneath, and the cut at the back didn’t bother me (just don’t bend down in it!). 

The lace detail on the dress is stunning, and the silky, aqua-lining complimented my skintone beautifully. This will be worn on any future date I may be asked out on that’s for sure!

Because we loved the dress so much, Fashion World have been amazingly kind enough to let me offer you lovely readers the chance to win one! Just click on the link below and you will be able to enter as many times as you like, providing you follow the instructions- good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So overall, I love the new collection, and after browsing through the website, there are three more pieces for the collection I would LOVE to get my hands on: Print Prom Dress, Lace Sweat Jersey Top and Print Maxi Dress. Where’s my Clark Gable lookalike to buy me a belated Valentine’s gift…? Oh the joys of being single!


For the purpose of this post, I was given these items to review. No payment was received for this post, and all opinions are honest and my own.

Skull & Rose Leggings

I am becoming obsessed with leggings… maybe because they stretch, so my rolls of fat feel more comfy and less obvious to me, compared to when I’m in tight, constricting jeans? But also because they come in some fab designs!

As usual, I have been flicking through Ebay, and came across these skull and rose leggings, that only cost me £3.55 including postage. As you have seen in previous posts, I wear them a lot!


I love the colour, the design and of course the price!

I got them from missgirltalk1 on Ebay, and I just hope they start to sell some other low cost legging designs as this poor, single mum still wants to look vaguely good when out in public!

Skull leggings SAM_0705